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The ellumiere range features up to 12 lights per transformer in any configuration with no electrician required for installation. Fully waterproof and with a 2 year warranty, ellumiere is the easiest 12V ‘Plug n Play’ garden lighting system around.

Plug your transformer into the waterproof socket and this will convert 240V to 12V giving you a safe, easy and reliable mains powered LED lighting system in a flick of a switch.

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A good example of using light is to highlight one feature to bring out another, such as illuminating a statue or figurine also creates a shadow onto a fence. Using a spot light pointing upwards can highlight a row of flowers or plants, whilst also lighting a tree behind. You can position the lights

at many angles to achieve this result, experiment during the day first as you can clearly see the important parts of your garden.

Decking Lights


Lighting decking areas can add a finishing touch to the look, and create an almost fairytale ambiance. They take a little more work to fit them and install but the finished result is one of the best around, and will really set your garden apart from the rest. Using LED in the decking is ideal as the lamp produces very little heat and will be safe to touch for children.

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Garden Bollard


Adding outdoor lighting along paths
and walkways can help to extenuate the edges of the path, but also illuminate plants in the garden next to it. The ideal light fitting for this is the spotlight or low level bollard which is designed to push the light downward and reduce glare. Your main driveway is an ideal place to use in ground or deck lights which show a direct route to the house entrance and can be used in conjunction with bollard lights for extra security and effect.

Cables & Connectors

With a wide range of cables and accessories available you can get that sleek look you require with ease. Simple connections make installing these lights easy.

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Find the Full Lighting Range in our Price List HERE

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