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Why buy D&J Timber Buildings

Garden Buildings are used in a variety of ways: home gym, office, pub, cinema as well as the conventional storing of your gardening tools. This is the reason why we have Buildings available in different designs and styles allowing you to customise the best option for you. Due to popular demand D&J Timber Buildings offer three quality ranges to ensure we can accommodate any budget. All ranges come standard Tanalized Pressure treated.

Designed to withstand all elements of British weather, D&J Timber Buildings supply and install top quality buildings using the highest standard materials to ensure you get the very best value for money. If you are shopping around please be sure to check what size materials are being used in the buildings and be sure they are of the highest quality.


D&J Timber Buildings Ltd.


Why our garden Buildings are the best value for money:

Our garden Buildings generally last for 25 years plus, so please check/compare the following vital specifications when comparing our garden buildings to those from lower grade competitor companies as the following specifications are vital.
Shed Cladding: 


We offer a supreme range with 19mm log lap or shiplap cladding using an extended tongue and groove and a premium range using a 13mm shiplap or Dummy Groove cladding again with an extended tongue and groove. Please make sure you look at the cladding thickness when comparing sheds. Also ensure you ask for the finish size - many competitors try to fool you by providing the size of the timber before it has been cut and planed.
Shed Framing: 


In our supreme & Signature range we use a 60x38mm thick framing - this is twice as thick as most competitor buildings. In our premium range we use a 45x45mm framework still thicker than most competitor buildings. Framing is the backbone of the building and provides the strength / structural integrity. The framing of the building is a vital and very important part.
The framing we provide is always rounded four corner framing. DO NOT go for rough cut framing which approx 90% of competitors provide - rough cut framing is very prone to warping, splitting and giving out splinters. Ensure you check what the framing is made from when buying a shed.

Roof and Floor: 


THIS IS ESSENTIAL – All 3 ranges of our garden Buildings come with 13mm T&G roof using the same  framing that’s in the construction of the building. All buildings are supplied with a felted roof using a polyester reinforced roofing felt. The floors in our supreme & Signature ranges are constructed using the same 60x38mm framing and a 6”x1” floor boards. And our premium range has a floor constructed using the 45x45mm framework and the 13mm T&G matchboard. Both options ensure strength and long lasting. We are sure our supreme buildings come with the strongest floors on the market. (check out the video of us driving a 3 tonne forklift over one of our supreme floors compared with competitors floors.)
Timber quality:


We pride ourselves on using a responsibly sourced slow grown red wood timber compared with Most competitors who use lower grade white wood timber which is prone to warping and splitting. Red wood delivers natural beauty and durability and maintains its natural beauty and structural integrity and is easily maintained. Red wood stays cool and steady under foot all summer long and has a natural resistance to shrinking, warping and cracking.


 Our supreme and premium buildings are much higher as standard compared with most that are supplied by competitor companies. (check out the shed section for eve heights). This ensures the space is as practical as possible and allows you to customise the building to suit your needs without having to pay extra to make the building higher.



All garden buildings supplied by D&J Timber Buildings Ltd. Are tanalized pressure treated for that extra long life. Even with the harshest of British winters you can be sure your building is protected to the highest standard.

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